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National Marine Aquarium welcomes Grey Reef Sharks

The National Marine Aquarium is delighted to announce that it has welcomed two new arrivals, Timor and Java, a pair of Grey Reef Sharks. The two male sharks have travelled from Indonesia and are on display in the Aquarium’s Great Barrier Reef Tank.

Considered by many to be one of the world’s most beautiful and interesting species of shark, the Grey Reef Shark has the typical characteristics of a shark found in reef habitats, with a broad round snout and large eyes. Timor and Java are approximately one metre in length and are fast, agile predators, which feed mainly on small bony fish. They have approximately 28 teeth and a distinct white belly.

James Wright, Curator at the National Marine Aquarium, said: “Grey Reef Sharks aren’t often seen in aquariums as its relative, the Black Reef Shark, is more commonly featured, so it’s fantastic we are able to welcome Timor and Java. They are a fascinating, social, species of shark and in excellent condition. Following a period of monitoring to allow them to become familiar with their new surroundings, we’re delighted to see they are already settling in well to their new home.

“The Grey Reef Sharks are on display just in time for Easter, and we’re really looking forward to our visitors getting to know our latest new additions. Timor and Java are approximately three to five years old, so are in their prime as fully grown adults. Our experts have a wealth of knowledge to share about these unique creatures so we would encourage our visitors to ask questions and learn about this beautiful species.”

The Grey Reef Sharks join the Aquarium’s existing 15 species of sharks, including the Lemon Shark, Sand Tiger Shark and Nurse Shark, offering one of the most diverse collection of shark species in the UK.


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