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Wildwood Escot Celebrates its First Anniversary

It’s been one year since Wildwood and Escot joined forces

It's been one year since Wildwood and Escot joined forces. As a wildlife conservation charity, the support that we receive, through visits and membership, helps us to move closer to our vision of restoring the true wildwood. In the past year, we have added two lynx and a wildcat to our collection of animals in the park, and have continued to protect and nurture the other animals that live on site.

To celebrate, we are launching our brand-new passport trail today – an exciting trail where children (and adults!) can go on an adventure in search of stamps to complete their passport, in return for a Wildwood Escot goody bag. Outdoor play and discovery is at the heart of the Wildwood Escot experience and we are confident that this trail will tease inquisitive minds and inspire visitors to explore and learn about the native and formerly native animals here in the park.

Wildwood Escot, with its winding woodland paths and beautiful flowers, is the perfect environment for a wonderful collection of native and formerly native wildlife. Blending a taste of a rewilded Devon with fun and adventure, Wildwood Escot is the ideal destination for a family day out or school visit.

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