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Pig Race predicts EU Referendum Result

Having successfully predicted the outcome of the General Election last May, the Pennywell Miniature Pigs at Pennywell Farm in Devon have once again raced to determine Britain’s future.

‘Official Pollsters’ have had a string of well-publicised failures last year so as the campaign hots up, the pint-sized porkers were at it again with a special ‘Referendum Race’ to predict whether the UK will leave or remain in the European Union.

The piglets were named in honour of this historic occasion. For the In Campaign, David Hameron and George Hogsbourne, while Boar-is Johnson and Iain Duncan-Sniff are hamming up for the Out Campaign.

Nigel Forage had hoped to make an appearance but sadly he pulled a hamstring in training so didn’t run!

Four piglets ran, spurred on by an audience representing ‘in’, ‘out’ or ‘shake it all about’ for those who are still undecided.

Pennywell Farm’s owner Chris Murray says, “The whole debate has become so heated, we thought it could do with an injection of fun, hence our referendum pig race. Hopefully, it will be a little light relief from the somewhat brutal exchanges we have seen in the recent debates”.

 Race conditions were not perfect; a foggy overcast day set the tone of the day but of course the race was a real porker. In the end it was a clear victory for the ‘remain’ camp showing a 3 to1 ratio in favour of staying in the European Union.

 If this prediction proves correct the ‘In Campaign’ will squeal with delight and this just might save the Prime Minister’s bacon, if it is wrong he may be given the ‘pork chop’ by his Tory colleagues.

The Pennywell miniature pigs will be snout to snout and squeal to squeal at 2.30pm every afternoon up to the big day itself.

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