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River Dart Country Park Awarded 'Best Renewable Energy Project'

River Dart Country Park started 2016 in the best possible way, picking up the ‘Best Renewable Energy Project’ award, at the Western Morning News Countryside Awards.

The achievement comes after a series of energy saving schemes, that has seen the park save over 1,400 tons of carbon over the course of an eight year period, and making the park self-sufficient for eight months of the year.  

Mark Simpson, owner of River Dart Country Park, said “We are delighted to have won the Best Renewable Energy Project award. The park is located in one of the most picturesque settings in the country, surrounded by wildlife, and we want this to be something that future generations and visitors continue to enjoy. This is the biggest motivation in ensuring that the park is as environmentally friendly and sustainable as it can be.”

“Some of our highlights include being the first site in the UK to install a Hydro Dynamic Screw, commonly called "An Archimedes Screw turbine”, which uses water from the river to generate our own electricity, which has saved over 1,400 tons of carbon in an eight year period. We have invested over £450,000 into renewable energy projects, including solar panels, a biomass boiler, and sustainable timber production, showcasing our commitment, hard work and man-hours. Since 2006 we have reduced our carbon footprint by approximately 80%”

“It is fantastic to be recognised for our work, and is something to be truly proud of. However, all of the nominees in the category deserve recognition as we’re all working towards the same goal – a greener future.”

If you need any more facts about the eco-friendly schemes River Dart Country Park carries out, please see -

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