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Miniature Pony Centre creates 3-D map of Devon’s Top Attractions

With so much to do in Devon the Miniature Pony Centre wanted to showcase all the quality attractions that are members of the Devon Association of Tourist Attractions (DATA). They came up with a great idea and quickly got to work to create a giant 3-D map which can now be found in the centre’s admission shop. Not only does the map promote all 40 of Devon’s Top Attractions, showing their locations right across Devon, but it also catches people’s eyes. With the school summer holidays fast approaching, the centre is hoping it will engage holidaymakers to visit more of the attractions across Devon. This map also helps to mark a special year for DATA, as it is celebrating its 30th anniversary.

The map will be on display throughout the summer holidays until September 2015 so don’t forget to take a look when you are visiting the Miniature Pony Centre this summer.

Devon’s Top Attractions have so much going on over the summer, be sure to take a look at their website for up-to-date news, information and events

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