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Family day out to Seaton Tramway - It's Electric!!

Another day, another one of Devon's Top Attractions visited. Chrissie Harris and her family head out to Seaton Tramway for a day out!

Is it a train? Is it a bus? No, children, this is something far better – a beautiful vintage tram.

Jake, 10, and Alice, eight, climbed aboard one for the first time on our visit to sunny Seaton, a proper Devon coastal town that seems to change for the better each time we go.

Seaton Tramway has been here since 1970, watching the world go by, quite literally, on its impressive fleet of vehicles.


These narrow-gauge heritage trams run up and down the line between Seaton, Colyford and Colyton, taking in the stunning River Axe Estuary.


We arrived just in time to make the 1300 departure and headed for the top deck, naturally.

From here, we gazed out over Seaton wetlands, yelling out when we saw waders, birds of prey, pheasants and the occasional bird spotter waiting, hoping and then waving to us as we whizzed by, quite noisily.

These trams can really pick up some speed when they get going and we adopted a kind of side-to-side seat wiggle as we approached our first stop at Colyford.


In no time at all, we were off again and heading over the level crossing, waving at the drivers waiting for us to pass (we did a lot of waving that day – you just can’t help it).

We pulled into Colyton Station, a picture perfect little place with a café and playground for the kids to scramble around before it was time to get back on board.

This time, we were on Number 8, a smart white and navy blue tram, which we were told was fully air-conditioned, mainly because there were no doors.

You don’t have to be small and not carrying any bags to scale the teeny stairs to the top deck, but it helps. I just about managed to follow the kids as they whipped up there but it’s a tight squeeze. You wouldn’t want to go up there too soon after a pasty and cream tea.

After a quick safety run-through (don’t stick your arms/head out of the carriage and try not to touch the live electrics etc) we set off, back to the bright lights of Seaton, waving - of course - to the passengers enjoying cakes and cups of tea at Colyton station.

Going the other way was just as much fun. There was plenty of wildlife on show – oystercatchers, rabbits and a very plucky pheasant, which crossed the tracks in just front of us.

Back at Seaton Tramway depot, we had a quick nose round the other trams waiting for their turn on the tracks, each vehicle all beautifully restored and meticulously maintained.

Everyone here clearly takes a real pride in their work and it shows. The staff were all lovely and the drivers, dressed for the part in their smart, green uniforms, were professional and partial to the odd joke or two.

What a lovely, Devon way to travel.


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