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A Pennywell Farm Family Fun Day Out!

Another Devon Family Fun day out by our guest blogger Chrissy Harris

If you’re going to take six kids aged between two and nine on a day trip, then Pennywell Farm is a top pick.

Our lovely litter had a mad, fun-packed day at this multi-award winning attraction that has been bringing animals and children together since 1989.


Pennywell’s famous miniature pigs are the stars of the show here, with regular cuddle sessions and even piggy races taking place every day.

Jake, nine, described his time with a tiny piglet as a “truly breath-taking experience”. Wow. He must have been genuinely moved by his piggy cuddle. I’ll make sure I remind him of this when he turns 18.


It’s the views here that I find “truly breath-taking”, though. Pennywell Farm, near Buckfastleigh, sits 600 feet above sea level, overlooking Dartmoor National Park.

Every spare moment I got (all three of them – we had two-year-old twins with us) was spent gazing out into the middle distance and feeling quite smug that we get to live near here…

But then it was back to work, making sure our brood was a)in sight and b) having a good time.

My cousin’s gorgeous toddler twins were loving every minute, feeding the goats, playing in the under fives area and stroking the guinea pigs.

The bigger kids were grooming ponies and peddling about on mini tractors, stopping only to refuel with the occasional chocolate chip cookie.


Attention to parental needs here means there are handy benches everywhere so my cousin Shelley and I could (very) occasionally park ourselves and watch the kids in action.

Shelley, a mum of four and seasoned attraction visitor, says she loves that about Pennywell - and the fact it’s different every time she visits.

There is an impressive list of activities – everything from egg collecting to ferret racing – going on each day, and that’s on top of the four free rides, play areas and animal enclosures.

The staff and animals were working hard when we visited in the height of the summer holidays, when all us parents start to feel the boredom bite.

But a well-established attraction like Pennywell can take it and hundreds of people were expertly clocked in and then dispersed across the acres of indoor and outdoor space. This lot know what they’re doing and it shows.

We’ll be back again of course because visiting Pennywell is part of growing up in Devon and I reckon my kids have got a few more years of piggy cuddles to go yet.





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