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5 inspirational and educational things to do at Wildwood Escot

One-time-teacher turned blogger Stef Fox Adcock visited Wildwood Escot with her little ones who found that learning can be fun.

The school holidays … days on end to fill with activities for the kids, while you worry that everything they’ve spent the past year learning is somehow going to be driven out of their heads by the sudden onslaught of too much telly.

Thank goodness then for Wildwood Escot. When I took my 5 and 2 year old to visit this summer we found acres of outdoor space to run around in, but more than that – lots of (fun) learning opportunities. The beauty was that the kids had such a great time in the great outdoors that they barely noticed they were learning.

As an ex-teacher I could see there were curriculum links and learning opportunities around every corner – so take a visit to Escot armed with some ideas from the list below, and you’ll be giving the kids some fresh air whilst topping up their grey matter.

1  Your wolf, my dog: spot the difference
Escot’s newest arrivals are a pack of six beautiful grey wolves. See these fascinating creatures close up yet in a natural environment, see them being fed, and ask the staff anything you’d like to know. To help the kids understand the wolves’ special features, talk to them about their similarities to and differences from domestic dogs, and why these might have come about. Do this before feeding time and you can save up any tricky questions for the staff!

2 Learn about adaptation and evolution at the Birds of Prey Show
Whilst you’re marvelling at the beauty and acrobatic skills of these birds as they swoop overhead, you’re also learning lots thanks to the expert patter that accompanies the show.

3 How does that work?
Let them experience the thrill of the drop slide in the woods – and talk about how they’re able to throw themselves down a near-vertical ledge without hurting themselves. Physics in action!

4 How was that made?
The whole of the site is dotted with interesting structures – some are artwork, some are for climbing on, but all are great conversation starters. Talk about how and why they were made, what they’re made of, who might have made them – and Wildwood Escot’s ethos of created a ‘rewilded Devon’. What might that mean?

5 Which animals belong in Devon?
Of the animals at Escot, all (including the lynx, wolves and wild boar as well of course as the red squirrels, otters and birds) either are or once were found in the wild in Devon. Talk about this as you go round – it’ll be sure to lead to many more questions!




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