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Diggerland Day Out - Fun for All!

By Chrissy Harris - guest blogger.

Ah, the look on their faces, full of wonder and awe at being able to drive an actual digger.

But then the kids wanted a go.

“Dad! It’s my turn!” came the call and, reluctantly, Luke, 39, and Jon, 40, gave up their seats on the JCB.

Yes, Diggerland is not just for kids, it turns out. I’ve known men become fathers and instantly check in to this wondrous place, carrying their way-too-tiny to-enjoy-it baby through the gates as legitimate proof that they can come here now – they have a child.


We waited until our eldest was three but we found he didn’t quite have the staying power or the sufficient height to be able to enjoy all the rides on his own.

But six years on, finally, here we are: the kids, aged nine and seven (the perfect size) two similarly aged friends and assorted parents. The sun was shining, the M5 was clear, we were ready to dig.

The kids headed straight for the smaller JCBs and began to get to work, hooking ducks, knocking over skittles and scooping for treasure (bits of metal buried in wet, sticky mud).

They absolutely loved it and I’m pretty sure my daughter Alice, seven, has a glittering career in construction ahead of her. The look of sheer concentration as she hooked those plastic ducks. Perfect precision.

The nice, easy loop layout of Diggerland means you don’t have to think about which way to go, you simply follow the construction vehicles as they increase in size.

We drove dumpsters, dug holes, sat in the bucket of a JCB and the nine-year-olds had a go at driving a digger around a very bumpy track.



The bravest in the group, aged 40, took to the skies in the Spin Dizzy ride: a giant of a machine that spins you around in its bucket. The rest of us were happy to sit and guard the picnic in the shade of the playground area.

The kids went wild in this bit. They had a zip-line each, electric 4x4s to drive, giant slides and an old military vehicle to clamber over. The best part was, us parents could sit at our picnic bench with flasks of tea while the kids had fun. I love it when attractions have this set-up. Everyone’s a winner.

After our pit-stop, we wanted another go on our favourites: the hooking ducks and the mud-scooping JCBs proved to be the most popular among our party.

The staff were helpful and enthusiastic, despite pretty scorching conditions and some tricky customers throwing tantrums (no one we knew, thankfully).

We had a top day out. Diggerland Devon has got to be on your ‘bucket’ list.


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