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Devon’s Top Attractions ‘Clean up the County’

Devon’s Top Attractions have been out in force on a mission to ‘Clean up the County’ ready for Easter.

It was noted at a recent Devon’s Top Attractions member’s meeting that there was a terrific amount of rubbish and debris littering Devon’s roadsides, highways, verges and hedge sides.  Many members voiced how they regularly send out their staff out onto the roadsides on litter picking duties in an attempt to keep Devon tidy. Tara Stanbury from The Milky Way Adventure Park, North Devon said, “We sent two members of staff out to clean up the road around us and they collected three large bin bags full of rubbish in no time at all!”

Members decided to join forces, show a united front and take immediate action. All over Devon, the top 40 attractions have been seen out on the roadsides making an effort to get Devon clean and tidy, ready for the Easter holidays. In an attempt to educate the younger generation, some of the attractions had a little extra help from their resident mascots.  The Woodlands Park mascot ‘Hero’ advocated ‘’Heroes pick up rubbish, never drop it.’’ A light hearted but serious message and not just directed at the little ones!








Simon Fishwick, Chairman of the association said, “Devon’s top 40 visitor attractions have yet again shown great initiative. Having only had a meeting a couple of days ago, members decided to take matters into their own hands, act quickly and clean up the county. This highlights what a serious litter problem Devon currently has and which needs to be addressed by local government before it makes a significant impact on Devon’s tourism. If we want our visitors to return, we need Devon to be a clean and tidy place.”

This year sees Devon’s Top Attractions celebrate their 30th anniversary year. The Association continues to work hard to raise and maintain the quality standards of Devon’s tourist attractions. They have a number of special events planned including a 30th anniversary party in June and some more ‘mascot madness’ around the county. They also have a full programme of Easter events over the two week school holiday period. To see the events see the website   

By Anne Blackham


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