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Devon Clean Up Gains Momentum!

Devon’s Top Attractions have been out on their annual ‘Clean up the County’ campaign, getting Devon clean and tidy, ready for Easter and all our early incoming visitors.

Two years ago members of Devon’s Top Attractions noticed there was a large amount of rubbish littering Devon’s roadsides, verges and hedgerows. Members, who said they regularly send out their staff on litter picking duties outside of their attractions, decided to take matters into their own hands and start an annual ‘Clean up the County’ campaign. Over the last two years, the campaign has grown enormously and the attractions are now joined by other tourism businesses and accommodation providers.

This original idea for the Devon clean-up campaign came from John Rous from Clovelly, a leading member of the tourism association. John said: “Roadside litter disfigures our beautiful Devon countryside. Our Clovelly estate workers collected 16 bags of rubbish in no time at all which had been thrown onto the roadside verges on a short stretch of the A39. We have a serious Devon-wide litter issue that everyone needs to be accountable for and take action on.”


Chris Murray, Chairman of the association said: “It’s great to see so many of Devon’s tourism businesses joining forces and working together to take part in the annual ‘Clean Up the County’ campaign. This campaign continues to gain momentum and highlights that Devon has a serious litter problem. Everyone who lives in Devon needs to do their bit before it makes an impact on our economy and enjoyment of our beautiful county.”

In an attempt to educate the younger generation, the attractions enlist the help of some of their resident mascots, which also adds a fun aspect to the campaign. However, this shouldn’t detract from the serious message that we need to ‘keep Devon tidy’ for everyone. 



Devon’s Top Attractions have also been busy preparing for an ‘Egg-stra’ special Easter for Devon with many themed events and special activities ready for the school holidays.  To see the full programme of events, see their website.


by Anne Blackham


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